Large Self-Storage Facility

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Large Self-Storage Facility

Weekly break-ins, theft and vandalism occurring despite having an electric fence and security system in place. 


The Client

A national self-storage facility that has a large outdoor parking lot for storage of boats, trailers, automobiles and motor homes.


The biggest obstacle was working with the client to find a way to integrate their current gate access system with the alarm system. The new integration would have to allow a storage customer access with a gate code that would trigger bypassing the thermal cameras and interior parking lot photo beams, while leaving the rest of the system armed.


  • Some storage customers had been granted 24 hour a day access.
  • To cut down on the amount of thefts, potential false alarms and other issues, this access would need to be restricted but could lead to potentially losing current customers who require this level of access.
  • Another challenge was what if a customer enters after normal business hours and does not leave? Their exit code is what rearms the part of the system that has been bypassed. Without them exiting, this leaves the entire parking lot vulnerable.


  • Find a way to protect the fenced in parking lot.
  • Reduce the number of vehicle thefts.
  • Reduce the number of false alarm calls.
  • Prevent intruders from following behind a storage customer, who has coded gate access, before the gate shuts.


Thousands of feet of extremely long wire runs were used to complete this job. The customer’s existing conduits were full so we were able to find a secure and cost effective way to run our wires. The photo beams were installed high enough along fence lines so that the view from the photo beam would not be blocked by vehicles that pulled too far into a parking stall.

Mission Protection installed Photo Electric Beams around the perimeter fence and down the aisles of the parking lot.
In addition to using 4mp cameras, thermal cameras were installed to monitor the main aisle of the parking lot and entry gate.
Partnering the technology of thermal cameras and capabilities of our central station monitoring facility, at the moment a photo beam is triggered or the thermal camera detects movement, our central station operator can view the cameras live or play back video to see if this is a true alarm activation.


The installation of security cameras and the use of video verification has significantly cut down on the amount of thefts. Within a month of installation a felony arrest was made with a recovery of assets, including several off road vehicles.