Large Industrial Laundry Facility

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Multi-Building, Large Industrial Laundry Facility

We integrated thermal camera technology into the security system as a way to add an additional layer of fire protection on the hot spots throughout the plant.


The Client

Large industrial laundry company with multiple locations.
With the new location construction the client wanted to install an intrusion and camera system that would address security issues they have been experiencing at their other facilities, specifically, theft, unwarranted workers compensation claims, workplace violence and high potential for fire.


Mission Protection Systems was commissioned to install the security system as the new construction was being completed. This posed many obstacles literally and logistically.

  • Other contractors, such as electricians and painters were finishing up their work.
  • New machinery was being installed daily that we had not anticipated in our original design.
  • 35’ ceilings that were not accessible with standard scissor lifts and the pre- installed machinery made it difficult to install the conduit and long runs of wiring required.
  • The plant was operational during very early mornings which required our crew to complete the installation work in the evenings and on weekends.


Given the building size and layout of all the machines, it was nearly impossible to fully grasp how the plant worked until it was operational, which was about the time we began the installation. Initially the customer wanted cameras strategically placed throughout the facility, but once we began the installation, it became clear this job was going to be much larger than projected. We also had multiple smaller buildings to protect and this presented itself as a challenge to incorporate all buildings into one system.


In addition to the standard 4 MP cameras to be installed, we recommended that we integrate thermal camera technology into the system as a way to add an additional layer of fire protection on the hot spots throughout the plant.

Also, the initial camera count would need to increase by nearly double in order to have unobstructed views of the entire facility.


Mission Protection Systems worked very closely with our manufacturer on the design and installation of this custom security system. Given the nature of using advanced fire detection with the thermal cameras, finding the correct temperature settings at each thermal camera was imperative for fire detection, but also to eliminate any false alarms.

The thermal cameras were integrated with the intrusion alarm system so they could be monitored 24 hours a day by Mission Protection Systems’ monitoring facility.


With the security equipment installed and integrated for this project, the customer is able to control their intrusion alarm right from their smart phone using Honeywell’s Total Connect app. They receive real time notifications of the system being armed/disarmed and of any alarms. The Total Connect app cuts down the chance of having a false alarm and a costly false alarm fine from the city.
In addition, the customer has the capability to view their camera system right from their smart phone or on any off site computer. They can view the cameras in real time or play back any events in HD.