Mission San Juan Baptista

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Mission San Juan Bautista

“We actually had two big alarm companies come out and look at installing
a system. They wouldn’t even give us a quote. They said it would be too hard.”



The size of the Mission Bautista compound and installing a security system with four foot adobe walls that really block radio signals.


Find a way to circumvent the walls and defeat the problem.


Use the Mission’s attic space and a combination of wired and wireless security devices.

Mission Protection Systems technicians ran hundreds of feet of wire in the attic in some of the darkest and smallest areas of the attic. This allowed them to mount cameras inconspicuously, causing no damage to the walls. Several of the cameras were infrared and were cleverly hidden and have unobstructed views of many rooms and halls.

After the initial security system installation Mission Protection Systems expanded the security to include every door, every painting, every glass case, and every donation box. These areas are protected by a camera, a motion sensor, a pressure sensor or a vibration sensor.


The mission had been experiencing a reoccurring theft of money from the donation boxes. After the security system was installed the perpetrator was caught and there has not been any recent reported thefts or vandalism on the property.

As a Solution based Security Company Mission Protection System proved that it was up for the challenge that was considered impossible and too hard by other security companies.

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