Business Security Tips

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Tips To Keep Your Business Safe

Adequate lighting is important. Provide adequate interior and exterior lighting by installing security lighting in key areas around your building. Check for any dark spots making sure to illuminate outdoor areas around buildings and parking lots.

Motion Lights. Being proactive is an important element of security for your business. Installing motion sensors can be a deterrent by startling criminals with a blast of light. Capturing them on camera provides a description for identification.

Install exterior and interior security cameras. Security cameras are very effective at crime prevention. Security cameras should be installed in strategic, highly visible locations outside and inside your building.

Install an alarm system. Have a professional security company design and install an alarm system to meet your specific business needs. 24/7 monitoring will protect your business property and assets.

Access Control. Rather than employees having a set of keys to your business, have an access control system professionally installed, letting your employees access the business using specialized credentials, such as a key cards and access codes. This will limit entrance into your business to only those who have been cleared to do so.

Secure access. Having a security gate that closes remotely is another option to consider. Giving employees remote access to a fenced parking area eliminates strangers trespassing on your property.

Make sure all exterior doors have reliable locks. Install deadbolt locks in each exterior door. Lock overhead and receiving doors with high-quality padlocks.

Maintain landscaping. Remove or trim back foliage to a reasonable height around your building. Potential intruders will seek places to hide themselves from sight.

Direct Walkways. Pathways should lead directly to the front of your business. Having them wrap around the sides or back of a building can invite criminals looking for a way in.

Instruct employees. Everyone including employees should keep an eye out when they are arriving or leaving work. Unfamiliar people should be questioned when they are on or around your company property. Law enforcement should be immediately contacted if a situation is considered unsafe.